I have some scars in my nose that are irritating, a lot of bleeding every day?


Hi! I am (…) from Norway. For the past 8 years i have had some scars in my nose that has been really irritating. Because every morning and evening i have to blow my nose because of dry blood from the infected area. Also there is a lot of bleeding every day because of this.. its very frustrating. I have spoke with some doctors here where i live (small place) and they gave me a cream called “altargo 10mg/g” but in the manual it says with capital letters, “do not use in nose, mouth, eyes or other slimy places. Only for external use, skin on arm or leg etc. So i would really like some help to find out what i can do to make these wounds heal. Btw i did take a test, and it came positive with some bacteria present in the infected area (way up in the nose). I am tired of needing to blow my nose 2 times a day to be able to breath, thanks. best regards,

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