I have dark circles under eyes, body aches and fatigue. could it be Addison disease?


i am a 42 years old married women. i had two pregnancy with two c/s .in my frist pregnancy i had gestational diabetes mellitus but it doesnt last after my c/s . during my frist pergnancy i got dark, brown patches of skin on my cheeck and in my second pregnancy it appeared bigger and darker than before .My dermatologist used a some kind of laser like lizomed . After the treatment, I noticed my freckles were dark.After the treatment, I noticed my freckles scabby or peeling and after that it got darker than before even i ve got some more dark freckle on my forehead . i have also Psoriasis that got worse after my childbirth . recently i have some new signs of disease like dark circles under the eyes body aches and fatigue increased need to urinate frequently absent of my period for 3 months i did a complete check up every thing was ok but my 24 hrs urine free cortisol that is 30.3 , please let me know whats my problems and could it be a sign of addison disease what should i do for treatment ?

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