Are my semen analysis results good enough to have a child?


My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for a couple years. We went to an Infertility doctor and they had me do a semen analysis. The doctor told my wife by phone that “I was low on all 3 levels”….not sure what that meant. We recently moved to a different state so we had to establish a new doctor and he had me do the same thing but this time said my results were “ok”. Can someone please tell me if my results are well enough to have a child?
Concentration = 80 million/ml
Motility = 47.5% Progression
Agglutination = None
WBC = 0
Progression = 2+
pH = 8.2
RBC = 0
Normal Morph = 8% Tapered Head
Amorphous Head = 86% Midpiece Defect
Macrohead = 0% Tail Defect
Microhead = 1% Immature

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