I had epilepsy, seizures, UTI and erectile dysfunction, lost my hopes with other doctors and herbalist?

I had epilepsy i.e. awakening seizures i have been taking lerace (levetiracetam) fro last 9 to 10 years. I am fine now and do not take medication regularly but now the problem is since last year i am not getting wet dreams night falls at all i am 30 years old furthermore i dont get aroused neither do i get erection nd the penis size has been decreased as well it doesn’t get hard. I get continuous urge for urinating one doctor gave me medicines for UTI and fertile S (tribulus terrestris 500 mg) but it didn’t gave me any relief for erection. He said because of your epilepsy which got started in my teenage i am facing the after affects in shape of erectile dysfunction. I took herbal medication as well but nothing seems working for me. I am very upset and nervous because of this thing because i am about to get married. Could you please help me out and prescribe me medication for erectile dysfunction and let me know whether this issue will get resolved or not. I shall be waiting for your reply with a high hope so i lost my hopes with other doctors and herbalist. I will be very grateful and thankful to you.

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