I’ve had this off balance/unsteady feeling in my head, doctors are clueless?

30 years old female. 140lbs. No health issues known. MRI/CT scan normal, blood work normal, blood sugar normal, EKG/ECHO/HOLTER normal, ENT did not find any issues, allergies – zero allergies, no vitamin deficit issues.

I’ve had this off balance/unsteady feeling in my head for months now. Noticed more when looking down at my computer, looking down in the sink to wash dishes, looking down to shave my legs as I sit on the side of the tub, looking down to cook. Standing still, and looking in the mirror. When I am slightly bent to the sink to look at my eyes in the mirror I feel this feeling.

Doctors are clueless and I am TIRED of feeling like crap! Scared to work out and live my life. I just want to be normal again.

I dont drink or do drugs, former smoker – quit two months ago.