My mother in law is bedridden, shaking, incontinent and virtually sleeps all day, no one seems to care?

My 76 year old mother in law was put on Abilify last December due to bi polar disorder, paranoria, psychotic episodes. Afterward she seemed to develop shaking in her hands, that progressed to her head, literally severe tremors, along with muscle weakness. It then developed into a complete inability to walk or function. She is now bedridden, incontinent and virtually sleeps all day. At the beginning of her diagnosis she had white matter degradation, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorder, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat but other than the psychotic episodes which became more frequent, she was functional, mobile and able to hold a conversation. She has had 2 ER visits to the local hospital in PA, where they ran a battery of tests, could find nothing wrong and discharged her. Her physician does not care, and told us she is of sound mind and body (completely laughable.) The hospital psychiatrist who placed her on the Abilify only treats those patients in the hospital mental health ward. He will not see or consult on outside patients even if he saw them while they were previously in the hospital. We have attempted to transfer her to another physician but zero anywhere nearby are taking new patients. Its a catch 22. Her physician recently took her off the Abilify cold turkey which seems to be counter indicated, but there is zero improvement. She was placed in assisted living by her psychiatrist last December, one of the conditions of discharge, as she was attempting to injure my father in law. The nursing staff is baffled and frustrated. We, as her family, are equally so. Any ideas or advice? She is also on Glipizine 10mg 2x per day, Metropolol Tartrate 25mg daily, Lisinopril 10mg daily, Levothyroxine sodium 100mcg daily, Coumadin 5mg daily, Divalproex 500mg 2x daily, Atorvastin Calcium 10mg daily. It as if no one cares, and she is not up for travel. I am wondering if we should try to check her into a larger hospital 60+ miles away?

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