I was born with bladder Extrophy, how to reduce kidney pain and get better?

Hello! i was born with bladder Extrophy.i have Bladder Reflax too. it’s about 2 mounths that i use “Visi care” pills.its about 10 days that i have urine infection and my urine is bloody. for my infection i used ofloxacine antibiotic about 3 days but i used siprofloxacine about 7 days. at first siprofloxacine and then ofloxacine. My Urine test shows that this bacteria called e.coli is resistant against all antibiotics(8 type of them) but doctors said that if you use ofloxacine or siprofloxacine you will be better soon. i have too much pain in my kidney. it’s higher in left kidney! i have about 1.5 degree fever but it’s going down with Refrigerant pills like astaminophen 325. i dont have urine control and i always using Diapers. i’m about 16 years old and about 43kg. My Fill bladder volume is about 80cc and empty bladder is’nt too much(about 5cc urine).
1. Are there ways for my urine control?
2. what can i do to getting better soon?
3. how can i reduce my kidney pain?
Thank you!


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