I have bursitis in one arm, the other arm also hurting, can it be high blood pressure?

I have been dealing with left shoulder/arm pain for about 2 1/2 years. The pain has never really ever been constant, but lifting my arm generates acute pain from under the AC joint, and continues in a line down the outside of my arm (maybe the width of a pencil). Medications, therapy, and rest were unsuccessful, and rheumatoid arthritis was ruled out. Finally, I was diagnosed with bursitis, and had surgery a month ago following 3 temporary pain relieving cortisone shots. I suspect my other shoulder is starting to have the same issue, and I’ve recently discovered I occasionally have high blood pressure, which has never been diagnosed, and is getting more frequent, but It has never came up with my doctors. Do you think high blood pressure could be causing my shoulder/arm/muscle/joint pain? Or causing bursitis because the high blood pressure is going untreated? Sorry if this is longer than normal. I’m just desperate to find solutions. Thank u. If u can elaborate a bit u may change my life.

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