I have an 8 year old son with calcification and health issues, please advise?

I have an 8 year old son. He was a 6 week prem baby. For the last 12 months he has had an on going cough and chest infections. He also gets high temp’s, around 38-40c. He had a ct scan the other week without
IV solution. The doctors can’t seem to understand or come up with a reason for the on going illness. As you can imagine, it is becoming frustrating for him and for us. We have taken him to peads and specialists at the royal children’s hospital. They have been talking about doing a broncoscapy. I don’t really want this to happen. I don’t like having children going under. The ct test came back as the following.
Lungs are symmetrically and normal inflated.
No collapse or consolidation. No air space infiltrate. No bronchiectasis and the bronchi are not large than the accompanying vessels.
No evidence of interstitial lung disease.
No discrete pulmonary nodules or lung masses.
No endotracheal or endobronchial lesions.
No pleural or pericardial effusions.

There are however two calcifications seen in the right hilar region.
possibly reflecting calciification in some lymph nodes. No obvious lymphadenopathy however.
Thymic tissue noted in the superior mediastinum as expected for a child of this age.
Normal appearance of the osseous thorax.
Subtle calcification in the right hilar may relate to some calcification in the lymph nodes.
No obvious lymphadenopathy identified however.
Lung parenchyma is unremarkable. No bronchiectasis.

The doctors don’t seem to understand what they mean by the calcification, they cant work out the report.
No one can give us a proper answer. My poor boy is sick and tired of this going on. It’s like he’s sick for weeks then it goes dorment and then comes back again. He just cant shake it.
He has had Azithromycin 200mg daily 5 days and amoxil 500mg tds 6 days.
These seem to help for a short period.
He had bloods done as well.
The main thing was low iron, if required I can supply the report for this.
Can someone please help.
Desperate dad

Please help with this for my son’s sake.


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I have calcification, found lots of small movable lumps, is it serious?

I’m 58 and 5 years ago I had tests where they found I had calcification!
Tonight while using the flat of my hand and feeling under my arms and up over my collarbone I found lots of small movable lumps! Should I be worried ? I am having a full knee operation on 9 February, is it wise to get these lumps checked out before I have my operation?