I have calcification, found lots of small movable lumps, is it serious?

I’m 58 and 5 years ago I had tests where they found I had calcification!
Tonight while using the flat of my hand and feeling under my arms and up over my collarbone I found lots of small movable lumps! Should I be worried ? I am having a full knee operation on 9 February, is it wise to get these lumps checked out before I have my operation?

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Ayman Darrag
6:04 am

According to your description i got that you are talking about lymph nodes.. If that is true then if these nodes are swollen and not painful you need to have a primary check over them by doing a CBC .
Please reply with your sex m/f?
Where are the calcification? Knee?

Ahmed Fawzy
9:24 am

In my opinion you should check it out , it won t impact the knee surgery , but early checking it and not waiting post knee surgery is recommended
Good Luck

4:54 am

these seem to be enlarged lymph nodes which may be secondary to a recent cest infection.
This won’t affect your knee surgery directly but i would suggest you to get a CBC and lymph node biopsy to confirm the root cause.