I had a bad fall, pain is still the same?

i just need some advice. I had a bad fall last friday (5 days ago) where i hit my knee badly on concrete – my leg was very bruised the next day and its been painful since. I didnt go to see a doctor as i assumed it hurt just because I’d badly bruised it (didnt want to waste doctors time if it was just bruised)
Like i said i had the fall almost a week ago now, the bruising is starting to go down but the pain is about the same (sometimes worse) im abit concerned that I may have done more damage to my knee than just bruise it (i did land very hard on my knee) any advice would be greatly appriciated – should i just wait til the bruising goes and hope the pain goes too ?

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Ayman Darrag
5:59 am

In my opinion it is just severe bruises but does not seem fractured or injured further..if you can walk,no swelling in foot or distal to the injury site,it would be bruising only…but you seem obese and this can explain the cause of exaggerated pain as you may have had formerly osteoarthritis in the knee that can be aggravated and show up with a fall like that one..
I recommend treating the bruising with ice application and elevation ..
Use an anti bruising cream.
Then do a knee plain xray from standing position.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:17 am

In my opinion haematoma caused by contusion gets drained downwards or to the back of the knee before it goes away.
Also i think you should have a knee MRI , such a strong fall could have cracked patella or injured the meniscus. (See a doctor)
Good Luck

4:52 am

such big bruise needs to be investigated for sure.
u cannot just wait for the bruise to go away on its own.
I would suggest a orthopedist opinion and a Xray of the knee and leg done.
A MRI of knee may be needed if the Xray does not confirm the diagnosis.

Masr Fawzy
5:24 am

Its very nice to try to handle your pain..
But really need to investigate at least by doing the basics just to be in the samw side, do x rayb, consult a doctor cause u may have fracture or may be ms strain..
Also there may be inflammation so u need to take pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs..

Let me ask you are u diabetic ?