My grandfather passed away at hospital, choked on food?

Hello doctor, earlier last week my grandfather passed away. It was unfortunate and even weird… the doctors had told us that he was suffering from ARDS. We were not convinced, especially after there was an episode of him falling and choking due to some food that got in his lungs. My grandfather was admitted to the hospital on December 15, 2016 and passed away on January 2, 2017. He had a stroke the day he was admitted, leading to the doctors figuring out that he had bleeding in the brain. His blood pressure was high and he was complaining about headaches. About 5-6 days later, his brain was starting to heal and his blood pressure had gotten better. He was doing way better. The only problem was that he was not eating properly. The doctors said that he was given a swallowing test and passed, they even gave him nausea medicine answered laxative, he was still not eating. Just 7 days after he was admitted, (a day or two after he was showing signs of recovery) he apparently choked on food and flat lined. The nurse found him on the floor, they don’t know how long… the doctors worked on him for 10 minutes and finally got a pulse back, reviving him. The doctors were not sure if he had a heart attack or a seizure and diagnosed him with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Note: my grandfather was a diabetic and had a few strokes beforehand (like months- to years ago). I need to know your thoughts and what you think he was really diagnosed with, I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that they found him on the floor choking with an amount of minutes they didn’t even know.

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Ayman Darrag
5:53 am

First of all I am so sorry for your loss..
In my opinion he would have many possibilities ..ARDS may have happened after his stroke that has caused bulbar symptoms..this could have lead to aspiration of some food that caused spesis in the lung causing ARDS..but although ARDS is a life threatening case I think it was not the direst cause of death..
I think he may has had stroke (heart ) due to bed stay and ARDS and this was the cause of arrest..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:09 am

Many questions here .
Where was the last stroke (location in brain) ?
Did he ever have a pulmonary embolism or chest pain ?
Actully ARDS can happen with certain brain injuries, however if they were able to revive him then you can not assume he chocked on food .
Good Luck

4:49 am

seem to be more than one reason for the death.
ARDS is the most probable cause followed by stroke and aspiration pneumonitis.

Masr Fawzy
4:58 pm

U will never know,
Cause i think he was noy properly investigated, did they do him full blood labs, echo , CXR, those a routine things to be done, waht did they show?
How did they found him like this, and how there was not under a nurse care!!!

I am really sorry for your loss , it could be million of things, previous investigations that should have been done can give u a clue..