I was diagnosed with epilepsy, I’m not sure of this diagnosis?

Im an 18 year old woman. I started having migraines for 7 months now with all of its symptoms . I was taking sanmigran . 3 months now i had a mild urinary tract infection and we found out that I have kidney stones. Now i have no kidney stones and no infection. But I still get migraine so I had an MRI done. nothing was found. that was 6 months ago. Now i experience sever back and limb pain that comes a goes. confusion inability to focus joint pain and insomnia. sometimes i get limb jerks and unsteady walking and incontinence and vision issues even though my eyes are healthy. I also get mood swings and my urine is abnormal and smells weird. I went to a doctor 4 days ago and got diagnosed with epilepsy. I’m not sure with this diagnosis. I got prescripted Tegretol and Sanmigran again.

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Ayman Darrag
3:46 pm

Most of the symptoms are indicating epilepsy it is true but your back pain and urine smell needs further diagnostics.. MRI of lower back,urine analysis ,brain EEG are recommended..
Get well soon..

4:24 pm

I would get a second opinion from a different doctor if I were you. The range of conditions that seem to come and go would suggest some brain or nuerological (central nervous system) issue – maybe an embolism that builds up and then dissipates.
Get referred to a brain specialist (nuerologist) get another MRI. Maybe try to schedule the MRI when your conditions (or one of them) are at their worst if that is possible.
Don’t take no for an answer from your doctor insist on seeing a specialist or two.

Ahmed Fawzy
7:11 pm

In my opinion you have 2 possibilities
No1 is that you have Multiple sclerosis (spinal tap to confirm)
No2 is distal renal tubular acidosis ( full electrolyte tests + urine test)
I would go with distal renal tubular acidosis testing first
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
9:43 pm

Whats the evidence of having epilipsy، what kinda epilipsy he diagnosed???

Simply, epilipsy is the presence of 2 or more attacks unprovoked…

It could be the pubertal period… Limb jerks could be calcium or magnesium deficiency ..
Do cbc , take multivitamins , check with another doctor this epilipsy thing ..

4:47 am

i do not feel these findings are enough to say if u have a epilepsy.
I would suggest a second opinion from another neurophysician.
Meanwhile you can get a EEG,renal doppler and urine examination done.
Get blood calcium and magnesium levels checked.