Question: Belly aching, Starving, Nauseous, Can’t Sleep – What could it be?

For the past week or so I have been feeling quite uncomfortable. My belly is kind of “aching”. There’s no better word I have found to describe it. It gets pretty intense sometimes. I’ve been either constantly starving or feeling so nauseous that even the thought of food makes me want to vomit a little bit. I’ve been praying for answers but getting nothing. I’m sure I’m overthinking, and everything will be fine, but it is actually distracting me from things that I would normally put my all into. At work I can barely focus, I can’t sleep like I should. Another thing, I have been waking up at very early hours of the morning, and can NOT go back to sleep to save my life. I get so darn tired but I can’t sleep. I usually can at bedtime but if I wake up, no matter how tired I am it’s like my body is fighting to stay awake. What could it be?

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