I am convinced I have Celiacs, Is there another way I can seek a diagnosis?

I am convinced that I have Celiacs disease but I’m not sure how to go forward. I have temporal lobe epilepsy and I have had digestive issues my entire life. 2 years ago I cut gluten out of my diet and my epilepsy symptoms vanished, I kept an epilepsy diary and confirmed that whenever I ate gluten I had a seizure in the next 2 days. For the past year I have been gluten free and had only 2 seizures during the same period when I previously had multiple daily seizures. My digestive problems such as constipation and bloating have also resolved.
My general health however is not optimum, I follow a paleo style diet and do not eat any processed foods or added sugars yet I still suffer with low Vit D and ferritin (with normal haemoglobin) levels despite taking supplements. I also suffer with acne and fatigue.
I really believe that the root of my issues could be Celiacs disease. Although I follow a gluten free diet I share a comunal kitchen and cross contamination is likely.
Should I just assume I have Celiacs and manage cross contaminations? I am aware that I need to eat gluten regularly to accurately test for Celiacs (previous blood test was negative) but I am not willing to put myself through this as my epilepsy is now so well controlled with my diet.

Is there another way I can seek a diagnosis? My GP has advised me to ‘assume I do have celiacs’ but I am left wondering about my long term health.