Chest pain, weakness on the left side, and my throat feeling tight on the left side?

29 year old male. Original symptoms were chest pain, weakness on the left side, and my throat feeling tight on the left side. Had several ekg’s, blood tests for hear attack, electrolytes, and thyroid. All cane back normal. For the past 2 weeks my hearthroat still pounds, and I still have the left side pain, but even more so o have servere head pain. The basecond of my skull and back of my neck hurt, my jaw hurts, I have severe pain on the top of my head, behind my eyes and my nose and in my cheeks. I am dizzy and get nauseous, and my muscles always feel weak. I am waiting to see my pcp, I was told to relax so I took a 12 day vacation and it’s getting worse. I don’t know what to do.
I have tried Tylenol, ibuprofen. Aspirin, flonase, and nothing has helped. I have been applying heat to the back of my head and neck to try and ease the pain. The only thing that makes a difference is pushing down on the top of my skull gives me minor relief for a short period of time. No fever, but I get hot and cold spells, the pressure gets worse through the day and has destrogen my quality of life. Im afraid to work, to exercise, to do anything. I of course look up symptoms online and make myself more anxious. But I’m really trying not to
I have a history of brain cancer and heart disease and clots in my family, so that fear is there, but this pain has slowly been growing worse day after day with no relief and I don’t understand it. My pulse feels fine everywhere I check it, and my mucus is Normal colored and my nose is not stuffy. Is there anything I should request from my pcp?