I have chronic lumbar back pain, would surgery make me regain a healthy life?

I am 57 year old male residing in the upper midwest. I’ve had chronic lumbar back pain since 1995 approximately and carpal tunnel, in both hands, since 1993. In 2004 I was hit from behind by a speeding truck, adding chronic cervical pain to my cocktail of chronic pain conditions.
Two years ago I was informed by a neurologist I saw at the time that I might need lower back surgery. However, he proposed an initial treatment regimen consisting only of epidural steroid injections for both lumbar and cervical infractions as well as streoid injections for both hands.
Then he suddenly resigned and I have not had access to a neurologist since then.
You can see from my age that I’m about past what I consider child-rearing age in that I badly want to start a family but my condition makes that impossible because I can only lie comfortably on my back and stomach for approximately 10 minutes, at times a bit longer or shorter.
My point is that sexual intercourse is and has been out of the question for me for two decades.
QUESTION: What are the chances that surgery and/or any other medical procedure will make it possible for me to enjoy sexual intercourse in the immediate future?
I am currently taking: Nabumetone, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline, Tramadol, Flexiril, and Citalopram

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