I have colon cancer stage 3b, I have abdomen pain, MRI of Omentum and lesions of concern?


I was diagnosed Jan 2016 with colon cancer Stage 3b due to tumor deposit with negative lymphnodes. I had a right hemicolectomy and started FOLFOX chemo which ended in late July or early August. I had a CT scan in May due to having pain in my abdomen. It was negative except for the same liver lesion that’s has been on all my scans. I had another scan at the end of Oct and it show thickening in my omentum and more liver lesions but it said some could be seen on other scans but are tiny. So my oncologist sent me for an MRI. He wasn’t concerned with my omentum because my surgeon said he thought it was from my surgery. My MRI did not say anything about my omentum and said the liver lesions are benign. I’m still having my abdomen pain and they keep telling my CEA is normally to follow with scan in February. Can you give me your opinion? Should I be concerned? I’m trying not to worry.

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