I was recently in the ER for a bad infection, concerned about atrophic liver?

Hello. I am a 25 year old male and was recently in the ER for a bad infection. I had a CT scan with contrast and the ER doctor said I should follow up with my primary care because of the result but didnt explain it. What does it mean? I was concerned to see atrophic liver, but wasn’t sure if this is something serious. Here is the result:
“The left lobe of the liver is atrophic. No suspicious liver lesion identified. The gallbladder, biliary tree, pancreas, spleen, and adrenal glands are normal. Kidneys are normal. The abdominal aorta, IVC, and mesenteric vasculature appear normal. The bowel is patulous and fluid-filled throughout the small bowel without obstruction. Surgical clip is seen in the right lower quadrant likely from prior appendectomy. Mild increase and stool right colon with normal caliber left colon. The bladder appears normal. Prostate mildlypr ominent. Minimal fat within the inguinal canals without sniffing hernia. No free fluid or pneumoperitoneum. No pathologic adenopathy.
1. Minimal prominence of fluid-filled small bowel without evidence of obstruction. This could represent a mild enteritis or small bowel ileus.
2. Atrophic, somewhat lobular left lobe of liver.
3. Mildly prominent prostate