I had bad reaction to kidney stent and removal, constant drip of blood from penis?

Hello I’m a 32 year old male. I had a kidney stent put in a month ago after my surgery failed to remove a 7mm kidney stone from left kidney. I had and extremely bad reaction to the stent. Excessive blood fever and crippling pain constantly peeing myself. I had liposcopic laser lipotripsy surgery 3 days ago to blast/remove the stone and stent removal. My kidney is still extremely swollen with fever that started today. There is little blood in my urine but there is a constant dripping of blood from my penis. It started when I woke up from surgery and has not stopped bleeding since and has not gotten liter in flow. The doctor declined a follow up visit or the global if I want to come back. Been very light headed from blood loss. Been wearing adult diapers but can’t stop flow of blood. I’m very scared and the doctors office takes several days to respond once you call when they open Monday. I’m not sure if this is normal or what to do. I am a self pay with no insurance. I payed for operation with everything in my savings. The hospital says I don’t qualify for patient assistants or Medicare and won’t help me hence why I had the second surgery done outpatient at surgery center. I’m a taking cipro and perkcet. Thank you for your time.

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