My Husband has decompensated liver disease, what is the prognosis?

My Husband has decompensated liver disease. He was first diagnosed in August 2015. He has had several variceal bleeds, jaundice, ascites, hepatic encatholopothy and a range of other issues. He spent one month in the ICU in 2016 and nearly died multiple times. He had a TIPS operation in December 2016 after which no he has visible ascites, no bleeds but some HE, weakness, muscle wastage and jaundice. He stills drinks, though is currently 1 week sober, what is the best prognosis? What is the likely prognosis?

Age: 40
Medications: Nobe
General Information: Husband is 43, takes vitamins incl thiamin and iron but not much else. Also, barely eats.