I suffer from digestive issues, doctor has no answers?

I am 23 y/o male and suffer from digestive issues for around 2 years. Here are the symptoms: yellowish stool, very smelly and floating. Tiredness and inability to sleep past 2-3 am. Acne and skin issues. Brain fog. Occasional 1-2 times a month stabbing dull pain in liver area, especially after meals containing lots of fat(think bacon, eggs, avocados).

So far, I went to do tests and I have elevated ALP at 150(upper limit 125). ALP is always raised, I had 4-5 liver tests in 5 months period and it is always above 140. Other liver enzymes and bilirubin are normal. Doctor ruled out bone issues connected to ALP. Vitamin D level is well above normal. Ultrasound shown no abnormalities in hepatic region. Doctor said he hit the wall with testing and I suggested to inspect hepatic region with more details. Is it wise to go for CT or MRI? Raised ALP can be either due to bones(ruled out) issues or liver.

Can I get advice regarding this? I feel constantly tired, have bad sleep and skin issues in addition to digestive problems I mentioned.

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