I have abdominal discomfort everyday, do I need endoscopy?

Female, 22. i constantly feel abdominal discomfort everyday whether its bloating, diarrhea, or pain in abdomen after bowel movement. the diarrhea is not the type that makes you going in and out of toilet for that several times, sometimes its just the consistency even though sometimes i need to go for 2-3 times a day. The pain after bm usually subside in 30-1hour. no appetite lost, i even eat more bcs im worried that if my stomach empty it will hurt more. No weight lost. Ive gone to the doctor, and he said that the physical exam is good, and it might be h pylori so i got tested but it came back negative. Im afraid that i have to do the endoscopy, and my parents don’t really agree with me taking such an invasive test and think that this symptom is not something worth worrying. But im afraid with the long term effect of this condition. What should i do? Is it something serious?

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