I am suffering from dyspepsia and pain under my belly button?

I stay sometimes for 4 days without going and I start suffering from dyspepsia and pain under my belly button. And i feel lile i got a big weight in my pelvis I’ve taken a defecography with barium from anus and I’ve been diagnosed with rectal internal prolapse and rectocele. But is it possible that I can also have an enterocele and this create a small bowel partial occlusion and prevent feces to arrive to the colon ? If this is possible can you tell me an exam to ascertain this problem ?

Age: 22

I’ve had excessive burps for 40 days?

Excessive burps all the time.
No matter what I eat, the problem continues
I stayed on a porridge and oatmeal diet for one whole week, but the burps just won’t stop.
I feel a pressure on my chest all the time which soothes out after a lot of burps only
It’s very disturbing, can’t sleep properly
The problem started around 40 days ago.

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