I suffer from dyspnoea with muscle cramps in arms and feet?

Nationality: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt

I suffer from some symptoms which can be summarized as the following:

-Dizziness and continuous headache.
-Ear fullness and tinnitus.
-Blurring of vision.
-Numbness sensation in the back.
-Pricking sensation in both legs.
-Amnesia, dyspnoea and numbness involving the areas of chest
and abdomen.
-Disequilibrium and drowsiness.
-Pain, crackling in the jaw with closed-bite malocclusion.
-Muscular cramps are present sometimes.

An incident:
I was smoking a cigarette and suddenly heard chest wheezes; then
dyspnoea took place, accompanied with muscle cramps in both arms
and feet, as if electrically shocked.
I suffered to reach the definite diagnosis which explains the
above mentioned symptoms.

The local doctors diagnosed my case as:
-Jaw dislocation,
-Anxiety and stress; (and this is untrue because I don’t experience any
stresses or dysphoria, and I feel psychological stability).

I’m completely ready to do any clinical, radiological or laboratory
investigations to reach the accurate diagnosis for my case.

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