I suffer from dyspnoea with muscle cramps in arms and feet?

Nationality: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt

I suffer from some symptoms which can be summarized as the following:

-Dizziness and continuous headache.
-Ear fullness and tinnitus.
-Blurring of vision.
-Numbness sensation in the back.
-Pricking sensation in both legs.
-Amnesia, dyspnoea and numbness involving the areas of chest
and abdomen.
-Disequilibrium and drowsiness.
-Pain, crackling in the jaw with closed-bite malocclusion.
-Muscular cramps are present sometimes.

An incident:
I was smoking a cigarette and suddenly heard chest wheezes; then
dyspnoea took place, accompanied with muscle cramps in both arms
and feet, as if electrically shocked.
I suffered to reach the definite diagnosis which explains the
above mentioned symptoms.

The local doctors diagnosed my case as:
-Jaw dislocation,
-Anxiety and stress; (and this is untrue because I don’t experience any
stresses or dysphoria, and I feel psychological stability).

I’m completely ready to do any clinical, radiological or laboratory
investigations to reach the accurate diagnosis for my case.

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6:11 am

you need to get a hrct chest, chest xray,
bronchoscopy and an MRI cervical spine.
spirometry will help assess the lung function.
a detailed blood profile including hormonal assays of thyroid and parathyroids along with calcium and electrolytes will help come to a pinpoint diagnosis.

i agree that you do not suffer from anxiety and stress.

Ayman Darrag
6:28 am

In the beginning let us agree that your case is multiple systems involvement , which hardly finds a link together. Jaw dislocation and sinusitis are clearly diagnosed in your case. Concerning the anxiety yes it can aggregate some of these symptoms and surely no one can be sure he is stressed as stress is not a symptom itself but for me as you live in Egypt you must be stressed 🙂 .. But these symptoms (tinnitus ,dizziness,dyspnea,and cramps)basically can relate to platelets or Rbcs disorder as they refer to that blood is circulating at a low velocity so oxygen is… Read more »

Ahmed Fawzy
10:51 am

In my opinion you need to do a sputum bacterial culture to check for respiratory tract infection
also you should do spirometry and methacholine challenge tests for asthma
Till then i recommend you increase your viramind A and C intake +increase your fluid intake .

Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
5:53 pm

How old are you?
How long have you been smoking?

Dyspnea is closely related to smoking..

Please do the following this routine check up
RBS.. random blood sugar
Thyroid function test
Formal fundus examination
Urine and stool analysis