I am extremely tired, suffer from chronic diarrhea, stiff joints, please advise?

I went to my Dr with chronic diarrhea. It has been an issue on and off for several months but in the last two months it has been constant. I had bloodwork done and my liver enzymes were elevated and my Dr is sending me for a liver ultrasound and a colonoscopy. I am also experiencing very dry skin, eyes and especially my mouth. The mouth dryness is on the inside of the lips and around the outside of the tongue. It feels like I have burnt my mouth but I haven’t. I wake up in the morning with stiff joints in my hands and feet. I am extremely tired. I sleep 10-11 hours a night and feel I need more. I am 60 and had a complete hystrecomy at the age of 44 and I not on any hormone replacements or no other medication.

Age: 60
Medications: None