My body hasn’t been feeling good at all What can be wrong?

31, women.
My body hasn’t been feeling good at all, I’m having back and neck tightness and I can also feel it in my head. My head feels heavy quite ofter and I have migraines but it feels as though it’s my neck that’s causing my head to feel this way. my ears feel like the after effect of being on a plane and ur ears pop, my throat feels tight also my neck I can also feel a weird feeling from my throat traveling to my jaw little bit like a numb feeling. I have this weird feeling just below my left and right ribcage that also travels round to my back not sure if it’s muscle weakness. My neck is also bit stiff and a little swollen and when I move it left to right I can feel the strain and hear a crunching sound. When I put my chin to my chest I can feel the strain from my head going down my neck down to my back. All my body clicks like the joints. My friend is a osteopath and she tried to work on me, when I crossed my arms over my chest for her to click my back when she leaned on me it felt like from my neck upwards was filled up to the point where it felt like my head was going to explode. I am not emptying my bowels frequently i feel that my digestive system isnt working properly. What can be wrong?

I have had blood test for gallstones which was fine and a ultrasound to see what is going on inside my belly which was fine. I had a blood test for thyroids which was also fine and I am waiting for ultrasound for that.

When I was around 5/6 I was really ill and almost died. I was in hospital for about 3 months, couldn’t walk or anything, my knees were swollen. I had water in my brain.

I had a miscarriage at 3months January 2016 the baby wasn’t growing properly.