GP thinks I have tonsillitis or glandular fever, what should I do?

I’m 19 years old – just started 1st year of uni in September

in the middle of September 2016 i was given phenoxymethyl penicillin by my GP for what she thought was tonsillitis (I had white spots on my enlarged tonsils). the antibiotics helped for a few days but the symptoms returned very gradually. I went back about 2 weeks later and was given another course of the same antibiotic which once again worked for a few days then my symptoms returned.
I went back a week later when my throat seemed significantly worse and I was given a course of a different antibiotic – clarithromycin, by the same GP. at this point I still had white spots on my tonsils and the GP said I’d scored 4 out of 4 on their tonsillitis test.

the symptoms did go away this time as well but not completely. the white spots never returned but my glands and throat continued to be sore and occasionally my ears.

I went back and saw a different GP who said it looks like I have glandular fever and the only thing she could prescribe was rest and painkillers. that was about 3 weeks ago and my glands have become more swollen and my throat is in worse pain but there are no white spots on my tonsils they are just very big.

should I go back to the GP or do I really need to just wait it out?

oh and yes I finished all courses of antibiotics

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