Problems with my heart, suffer from heart palpitations, please advise?

I have problems with my heart. Besides from suffering from heart palpitations on a regular base and occasional light hediness, I do have a very slow heart beat at 54 beats per minute sometimes. Other than that I feel fine. I was checked by my primary physician and cardiologist. Blood works, EKG, Holter Monitor, Stress Tests, ECG all done and all normal. But I still have the same palpitation and slow heart beat. What can be causing this.

Age: 42
Medications: Nothing at all, I am fine.

I have numbness on left side of body, cold hands, feet, heart palpitations?

i have been getting numbness and tingling on the left side of my body along with cold hands a feet, heart palpatations and fast pulse rate suddnly came on and never had this before the hospital have no idea what the cause is. ruled out anxiety attack/panic attack.

i do suffer with frequant headaches/migraines and severe back ache

i am female, 27 years old
smoker for 18 years
i dont take substances
family has history of heart problems
i myself have a heart murmour/ and heart palpataions

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