Problems with my heart, suffer from heart palpitations, please advise?

I have problems with my heart. Besides from suffering from heart palpitations on a regular base and occasional light hediness, I do have a very slow heart beat at 54 beats per minute sometimes. Other than that I feel fine. I was checked by my primary physician and cardiologist. Blood works, EKG, Holter Monitor, Stress Tests, ECG all done and all normal. But I still have the same palpitation and slow heart beat. What can be causing this.

Age: 42
Medications: Nothing at all, I am fine.

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9:30 am

You have undergone required tests which show there is no cardiac problem. Palpitations can be caused by stress or anxiety. Other factors can be alcohol, caffeine and narcotics. You need to look at your diet and lifestyle. Use relaxation techniques. Other factors causing heart palpitations may be hormonal issues. 54 bpm is a little under the norm and maybe referred to as Bradycardia – but is not necessarily a problem if you have no other problematic symptoms. In fact many athletes commonly have a BPM lower than 60 at rest. If problem persists or worsens you should ask your Doctor… Read more »