I went to the doctor and they said it’s just thrush, should I get a herpes blood test?

I met a sex worker more than a month ago, and came down with a fever/headache a week later. The headaches were really bad and lasted for around 10 days, and the doctor said this was some kind of viral fever. I did not see any blisters or sores on my genitals during this time. A week after it subsided, I got a few red spots on my glans. I went to the doctor and they said it’s just thrush and I was given an anti-fungal cream. The spots reduced the next day and it responded well to the treatment. They also tested me for STDs (everything except herpes) and it was all negative.
It’s been a month since my last sexual encounter. But I’m worried this whole thing was due to herpes. Should I go back and get a herpes blood test?

Medications: None


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