I believe I contracted Herpes from tanning machine at gym?

I am a 59 year old, extremely healthy female. In 2009 I had a blood panel that came up completely normal and clear for STDs. I am completely not sexually active and have been since 2008, yet a recent blood panel showed that I have Herpes!! How can this be?! I have racked my brain and the only thing my gentiles have touched outside of my home is the side of the tanning machine at my gym as I laid down in it. The bed activity stays busy! It is cleaned between users but not adequately and seldom on the edges where you have to initially sit to enter; there are often smears on the shiny surface. New users enter the bed within 5 minutes of the last so it is still very warm. Is it possible that this is where I contracted Herpes? I am mortified at having this as I never been very active sexually absolutely know I haven’t since 2008. How can this be?