I am a nurse and suffered a lancet cut after lancet used on HIV patient.

got lancet prick on my finger and it was deep enough for me to bleed.lancet was used on hiv patient and one minute after it was used on him,i got pricked.what are the chances of getting HIV infection if i don’t take PEP .I’m a nurse and I talked with my superior.She said chances are lower than hollow needle prick injuries.PEP or not PEP is on my decision.


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Can I get HIV by using infected towel?

I’m 24 years old. Male. If my friend is hiv positive and masturbated in my bathroom, then washes hands and dried them on my towel, and I walk in, wash hands, dry them with the same towel and masturbate after, can I contract hiv? Is it possible it was on the towel and then on my hands and then on my body and entered via bodily fluids?

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