How do I gain weight and what kind of doctor do I need to see?

i am a 54 yr old post menopausal women. i breastfed 3 children with no problem. two of them for 15 months+. eight years ago (december23 2008) my 19 yr old son died from hantavirus. i went from a good 126 lbs to 93 lbs. i’ve always been small busted but now i look like one of those old women in the national geographic magazine. i have been dealing with severe diarrhea since a month after my son died. i quit eating or drinking anything with high fructose corn syrup and the diarrhea is now mostly gone, but i can’t gain any weight and i feel like a boy worst part also look like one except for my hair which is mostly white and down to my waist, the only thing that makes me a woman. help me please! what do i do where do i go what kind of doctor do i need to see or should i just get used to it?

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