I had pneumonia, pleurisy,pain doesn’t go away?

i had pneumonia when I was 16 and it was a bacterial infection I was in a lot of pain but we manage to catch it just in seconds. but my pain never went away and I’VE never had the same body type as I did before and I am now 18 I still get pain down my sides and stabs in my chest and I’ve had lots of x rays and all sorts of test. This year 2016 I got pleurisy again where the pain came back stronger and all the same aches and symptoms again where I was prescribed as antibiotics again it went away within in 1-2 weeks after that but then I got it again for second time this year with all the same pain it keeps going back and fourth onto my sides and sometimes affects both but no pain every goes away iv’e seen doctor at hositpal and have had lots of x ray but even they don’t know what it is because it only came out unclear the first time ever other ultra scan or x ray was clear so I don’t understand why I’ still suffering and got this pain please HELP!

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