I had surgery very high fever – rushed back to hospital feel like I’m being poisoned ?

I had surgery on my back all most four years ago – that surgery went great on the back – Got home started to get very high fever – rushed back to hospital for a week on heavy antibiotic. So for the last four years I have felt like I’m being poisoned all the time – could not work at all for two and a half years because of my stomach – very consent diarrhea 15 to 20 times a day.
So they gave me a fecal transplant – it helped cut it to 8 to 10 times a day.
Still feel like i”m being poisoned still – and very tried all the time.

So my Question is for the last four years the only time I felt normal is when I have a cold – other then the cold.
What does your body go through to fight the cold that makes me feel better? I have seen many doctors even been down to Cleveland Clinic – No luck
I did tell my doctor on Monday about me feeling better with a cold – the feeling of being poisoned goes away.

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