I was diagnosed with pneumonia and sepsis, cough is not getting any better?

I am a 52 yr old female. I take Lovastatin and Levothyroxin.
1 month ago I went to emergency room because of a cough that had been coming and going for a month and never had a fever phlegm was always clear to cloudy no color to it. I was diagnosed with having pneumonia and sepsis. Pneumonia was not seen on xrays it was seen on cat scan with contrast. I spent 4 nights in hospital getting iv antibiotics and fluids for the sepsis. Pneumonia from my understanding was viral. I am not at 4 weeks after having been admitted and cough is not getting any better. I have been to dr 2x and they say oh what you are going thru is normal. It takes 3-4 weeks for lungs to clear up. (I was told that at 3 weeks post admission.) The phlegm starting 2 nights ago has gotten very thick and green. I am also coughing up some Looser phlegm but it also no longer is clear to cloudy. I am concerned that this Dr office is not really listening to the problem

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