I’m 29 years old and suffering with high blood pressure, taking Capoten and Lophrin?

Hi doctor,
My name is (…), i have been suffering with high blood pressure, my blood pressure some time elevate to 150/90. i am software engineer by profession, i notice for more then 1 month, i have headache while i am working on front of computer in office, then i go to pharmacy and they check my blood pressure, they told me your blood pressure is 150/90. then i take one pill of capoten to lower my bp, i don’t know why my bp get elevated even if i am doing 5k running daily, eating fruits and vegetables. i am taking low salt in my meal also. i went to doctor. doctor told me in young age as i am 29 there is only reason your blood pressure get elevated that is because of high cholesterol, he told me to test your cholesterol level. next morning in empty stomach i went to laboratory and they take my blood sample and after few hours i get the report my total colestrol level is 133 mg/dl which is in normal range now doctor suggest me to take one pill of lophrin 75mg in morning after breakfast. i wanted to ask here one question that do i need to take lophrin pill in young age or not and also why my blood pressure get elevated to 150/90 even i do lifestyle changes




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