I’m 29 years old and suffering with high blood pressure, taking Capoten and Lophrin?

Hi doctor,
My name is (…), i have been suffering with high blood pressure, my blood pressure some time elevate to 150/90. i am software engineer by profession, i notice for more then 1 month, i have headache while i am working on front of computer in office, then i go to pharmacy and they check my blood pressure, they told me your blood pressure is 150/90. then i take one pill of capoten to lower my bp, i don’t know why my bp get elevated even if i am doing 5k running daily, eating fruits and vegetables. i am taking low salt in my meal also. i went to doctor. doctor told me in young age as i am 29 there is only reason your blood pressure get elevated that is because of high cholesterol, he told me to test your cholesterol level. next morning in empty stomach i went to laboratory and they take my blood sample and after few hours i get the report my total colestrol level is 133 mg/dl which is in normal range now doctor suggest me to take one pill of lophrin 75mg in morning after breakfast. i wanted to ask here one question that do i need to take lophrin pill in young age or not and also why my blood pressure get elevated to 150/90 even i do lifestyle changes




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Ayman Darrag
6:38 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com hypertension in this age is usually secondary hypertension so there must be a reason for your hypertension you have to check your thyroid function and then get an ultrasound for renal arteries also if you stay in front of the computer long time and you don’t get enough sleep then the cause may be increased cortisol hormone which also will need to be assessed

Nouran Maamdouh
7:30 am

If you mean loprin 75mg .it is used as analgesic and can be given at any age.
I never heard of lophrin .
You cholesterol is pretty good.
You have to find the cause of hypertension with further investigations.

Ahmed Fawzy
1:48 pm

Your cholestrol test is unreliable you need to check for HDL and LDL
Also r u black or white ?
One more thing your headace is in which part of your head