I injured my knee and used Biseptine, is it infected?


Hello, I scraped my knee 4 days ago and I had put neosporin on it and covered it, but then I went to the doctor in France and she prescribed an antiseptic called Biseptine. So I used the antiseptic for 2 days until I used neosporin again last night. The wound was dry and I read that it should stay moist to prevent scabbing. I put on neosporin and then in the morning I found the wound to be yellow and mushy. I am not sure if it is infected or not. The picture that is yellow and mushy is the morning after I used neosporin and the other one that is dry is when I was only using the antiseptic. Is it infected? Should I be using the antiseptic and the neosporin or just one of them?

Age: 21
Medications: Tylenol, Neosporin, Biseptine