I just suffered intense and unbearable period cramps, a massive lump fell out?


I am a 22 year old female.
I have just suffered the most intense and unbearable period cramps. The pain was something I have never felt in my life, and I have never been pregnant, but what was going through my mind was this is what a child birth contraction would be like. I felt like I needed to vomit, however I had just woken up so I had not eaten in many hours. I was sweating and felt very hot. I almost thought of calling an ambulance, or going to the emergency room, it was very, very painful. I am on the contraceptive pill, and I have not had my period since the start of November, as I purposely skipped my period. So now its January and I decide to get my period and I had not started bleeding yet, then I woke up to these intense cramps and it just kept getting worse. It probably lasted at least 40mins, then slowly calmed down. Once this happened, I was walking around my house and from the hole where your period comes out, I felt this massive lump fall out, into my underwear. I ran to the bathroom to find this massive. . like mass, full of blood and like white mass. I toke photos of it, but I flushed it. As it is the weekend my doctors have closed and I don’t know what to do! It was so large! I have never seen anything like this, I don’t think it’s normal at all! The size of it and the pain I felt, was horrible.
I don’t think this could be a miscarriage.
Could you please help me, what do you think this is?