I just suffered intense and unbearable period cramps, a massive lump fell out?

I am a 22 year old female.
I have just suffered the most intense and unbearable period cramps. The pain was something I have never felt in my life, and I have never been pregnant, but what was going through my mind was this is what a child birth contraction would be like. I felt like I needed to vomit, however I had just woken up so I had not eaten in many hours. I was sweating and felt very hot. I almost thought of calling an ambulance, or going to the emergency room, it was very, very painful. I am on the contraceptive pill, and I have not had my period since the start of November, as I purposely skipped my period. So now its January and I decide to get my period and I had not started bleeding yet, then I woke up to these intense cramps and it just kept getting worse. It probably lasted at least 40mins, then slowly calmed down. Once this happened, I was walking around my house and from the hole where your period comes out, I felt this massive lump fall out, into my underwear. I ran to the bathroom to find this massive. . like mass, full of blood and like white mass. I toke photos of it, but I flushed it. As it is the weekend my doctors have closed and I don’t know what to do! It was so large! I have never seen anything like this, I don’t think it’s normal at all! The size of it and the pain I felt, was horrible.
I don’t think this could be a miscarriage.
Could you please help me, what do you think this is?

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5:01 am

if this was not miscarriage,then it could be a infected endometrial collection that may have come out causing the intense pain.
i would suggest a usg abdomen and blood count done to see whats wrong.
consult a gynecologist.

Ayman Darrag
7:06 am

In my opinion that was unfortunately a miscarriage ..
You should do a transvaginal USG to check for endometriosis or other uterine disorder..
Bhcg test can be positive for around 2 weeks after miscarriage so you can try it just to be sure it was ..
Sorry for your pain..

Masr Fawzy
8:07 am

Would u please upl??oad the photos u have taken for the mass

Ahmed Fawzy
9:39 am

It sounds like miscarriage, pregnancy test can stay postive for 2 weeks after miscarriage, you can use it to confirm
Also contraceptive pills cause false positive pregnancy test if you used them last 30 days
In general miscarriage looks white and blood
Good Luck