I have struggled with intermittent pain for years now?

I have struggled with intermittent pain for years now. Usually deciding that I’m just being a baby and popping a few ibuprofen. (About 800mg five or more times a week, due to pain or headaches) The pain usually begins in/near joints and generally radiates out. So sometimes my whole arm will ache from shoulder to elbow to palm and sometimes it’s my legs and hips. I also have lower back pain. Most of these pains tend to begin at the end of the day. Though I wake up stiff and in pain in the morning for up to a couple hours.
Two years ago my jaw, which was sore and stiff sometimes, locked up and wouldn’t relax for months, it was horribly painful and very scary. I noticed my face was very hot, though never looked swollen or red. I was unable to open my mouth farther than halfway. I got some dental work done and worked with a TMJ specialist, who provided me with a very expensive occlusal guard(which did not help over months and months) Eventually my jaw loosened and now it flares up a few times a month, but doesn’t seem to stick around as long.
Two months ago my right eye suddenly began to ache and a thick cloudy fog fell over my vision. I saw an opthalmologist who diagnosed uveitis and gave me steroid drops, which helped almost immediately. He suggested I have some blood work done.
My PCP found elevated c-reactive protein and antinuclear antibodies? And referred me to a rheumatologist.
Today was my appointment. (I should mention a pretty light pain day) The doctor looked me over and really only seemed interested in my low back pain. She ultimately decided I probably have inflammation and probably won’t find a cause, so she gave me humira and sent me on my way.
I’m feeling a little lost and confused at her lack of interest and sudden drug prescription. Am I crazy? I realize this is probably weird to follow and it’s very condensed. I had just expected her to be more interested in my symptoms and finding a cause. Are there any suggestions for me to move forward?

Age: 29
Medications: Ibuprofen
General Information: Headaches
Hard time focusing
Hot flashes
Body tenses and heats up when pain stiffness occurs in Joints
Skin pain – burning sensitive to touch randomly
Tingling and numbness in back and shoulders and legs.
Pins and needles.
Shoulder pain
Elbow pain
Wrist pain
Hip pain
Cold hands and feet
Knee pain
Leg pain – radiating
Weird feeling in ear
Lower back pain in morning
Eye inflammation and pain
(stuck pupil)
Writhing discomfort in bed
Depression(diagnosed 2008)
G.A.D.(diagnosed 2013)
Sleep disturbance
Difficulty falling asleep
PCOS (diagnosed 2012)