4 Medical Cannabis – Marijuana Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Medical marijuana is increasingly being introduced as an additional treatment for some conditions but unfortunately your Doctor may not yet be familiar nor perhaps sympathetic to the idea, so before you head out to see your doctor make sure you have done your research.

If you can find documentation that medical cannabis may have helped other people with your condition or is actually being used as a potential treatment, make a copy of the study, article or video and bring it to your appointment.

A reputable source, scholarly journal or academic study is the best way to inform your Doctor and will be your best evidence, but you may also bring along patient testimonials, blog posts or general articles.

Since medical cannabis – marijuana is being used as an additional or alternative treatment, you need to feel confident that your symptoms can be better managed through the use of medical cannabis – marijuana and you need to be able to convey this to your Doctor in terms that she/he can understand.

Here are a few points:

  • Draw up an exhaustive list of all of your symptoms.
  • Indicate which ones can be managed through the use of medical cannabis.
  • Provide a list of all medication and treatments or therapies you have used.
  • Indicate how you responded to each medication, treatment or therapy.
  • Here are 4 questions that you should ask your Doctor:

    1. Given my condition, could medical cannabis be a valid treatment for me?

    2. Is medical cannabis safe for me to use?

    3. Will taking medical cannabis affect my other medications?

    4. What are the side effects?

    As new studies roll out and more jurisdictions legalize the use of medical marijuana, the medical professional will
    be more and more inclined to integrate medical cannabis – marijuana as a treatment option.

    My mother has chronic pain and lost her mobility – is medical cannabis oil ok?

    My mum suffers from spinal stenosis, chronic pain, neck pain and a variety of other conditions. For almost two years now she has lost most of her mobility and has muscle spasms that effect her ability to walk on her own. after many hospital appointments and doctor appointments we are still unaware of the extent of her condition. no doctor has been able to determine where her extreme pain in her spine, neck, head and shoulder are coming from. We have discussed using cannabis oil to see how it can help her pain but we are unsure as to what way we can go about it. I would be concerned about the combination of medication my mum is already on, with cannabis oil. Daily my mum would take, 2400mg of gabapentin, sevredol, buscopan, amitriptyline, baclofen, 100mg morphine, ondansatron, omeprozole, fluoxetine, lidocaine patches and an antibiotic for infections as she is constantly getting infections whilst being catheterised. we know that morphine would not be a good combination with cannabis oil and are maybe going to try and wing her off morphine and replace it with cannabis oil. I would really appreciate some advice. I can elaborate on anything if needed. Thanks

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