Bad asthma flare up, no signs of mononucleosis, white blood cell count was low, any ideas?

I have been suffering from fatigue for almost four weeks since recovering from a mild cold (no colored phlegm) with a bad asthma flare up with temp of 99.9 at first that has since stopped. They gave me a Z-pack just in case there was an infection and a breathing treatment coupled with methlpredisone pack to calm down my lungs. My current and only symptoms are a further decrease in energy, little appetite a swollen lymph node under one side of my jaw, canker sores, and Rosacea/acne break out on my face and forehead. Recent blood work by urgent care showed no signs of Mono ( I had it twenty years ago and symptoms seemed similar minus a sore throat) but they found that my white blood cell count was low. They want me take Augmentin now and return for a follow up with my doctor. Any ideas? Female, teacher, age 41, non-smoker non-drinker healthy weight, diet and lifestyle.

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