I’ve had stomach problems and panic attacks since I was 10, need some relief?


I’ve had stomach problems and panic attacks since I was 10. I’m almost 40 and have had acid reflux for about the last seven years and i.b.s symptoms for the last 3 or 4 years although the acid hadn’t been as bad for a couple of months or so.
I woke up in the early hours of Tuesday morning with painful stomach cramps (which can happen to me occasionally) and constipation. I also had flu symptoms from a few days earlier. I’ve struggle to eat properly which I think has made my stomach worse.
The last few days my knees have become very sore and painful to bend and I can’t walk normally. I also had an inflamed wound on my finger which I had to go to hospital with two days ago. The wound was dressed and I was given fluoxicillin. I had septicaemia in a wound on my thumb on the same hand about 8 weeks ago that tracked up my arm. About two weeks ago I had a swelling in my neck below the corner of my jaw that lasted a about 4 days. My family are shouting at me because I’m groaning with pain. I feel distressed and my panic problem kicked in making me feel partially paralyzed especially in my chest, stomach neck and face.
That has subsided a bit but now my elbows have also become painful. I managed to have a peppermint oil capsule which I knew had helped me in the past and my appetite came back a small amount today so managed to eat something decent at last which has helped my stomach a bit. But my joints are very painful is there any way to get a bit of relief?
Thanks for your help.

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