I have acid reflux, I got out of bed and blacked out?

I have acid reflux and my dad and brother have it. When my sinuses are bad it’s always worse. Well it’s been bad this past week and my son had baseball games out in this heat. Water taste bad when sinuses are draining so I know I didn’t drink enough water. I woke up after being a sleep for about a hour and my acid reflux was bad. Tummy was hurting and felt like needed to throw up. When I set up I started sweating bad and got light headed. I got out of bed trying to get my Meds and blacked out for a sec. fell on floor. Got right up and got some Meds used bathroom and was able to go to sleep. Reflux is bothering me still but know more than normal. I havjet got enough sleep in last few weeks ether


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I’ve had stomach problems and panic attacks since I was 10, need some relief?

I’ve had stomach problems and panic attacks since I was 10. I’m almost 40 and have had acid reflux for about the last seven years and i.b.s symptoms for the last 3 or 4 years although the acid hadn’t been as bad for a couple of months or so.
I woke up in the early hours of Tuesday morning with painful stomach cramps (which can happen to me occasionally) and constipation. I also had flu symptoms from a few days earlier. I’ve struggle to eat properly which I think has made my stomach worse.
The last few days my knees have become very sore and painful to bend and I can’t walk normally. I also had an inflamed wound on my finger which I had to go to hospital with two days ago. The wound was dressed and I was given fluoxicillin. I had septicaemia in a wound on my thumb on the same hand about 8 weeks ago that tracked up my arm. About two weeks ago I had a swelling in my neck below the corner of my jaw that lasted a about 4 days. My family are shouting at me because I’m groaning with pain. I feel distressed and my panic problem kicked in making me feel partially paralyzed especially in my chest, stomach neck and face.
That has subsided a bit but now my elbows have also become painful. I managed to have a peppermint oil capsule which I knew had helped me in the past and my appetite came back a small amount today so managed to eat something decent at last which has helped my stomach a bit. But my joints are very painful is there any way to get a bit of relief?
Thanks for your help.

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Question: My acid reflux is so bad I need to throw up to feel better

I get palpitations every once in awhile with dizziness. I’ve had ekgs ran twice in the past year. One of those times was 4 days in the hospital with rhabdomyolisis. I’ve had 2 ct with no signs of a heart problem. I get real bad acid reflux and throw my food up sometimes to feel better and it lets out a lot of air. Just worried the sharp pain in my chest could be something worse. My breast bones are sore a lot but I can handle intense exercise without problems.

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