I was hospitalized a month ago for a severe kidney infection, nothing helped, What should I do next?

I am a female. I was hospitalized a month ago for a severe kidney infection for a week and a half. As soon as I got off the antibiotics I started having symptoms again except no fever. The pain is worse than the last time at my low back at my kidneys, upper left side of my tummy and at my bladder. It is very painful to use the bathroom worse than the last time and my urine is dark yellow and smelly. Every time I eat, my body rejects everything I put in my body such as foods and liquids and even medication. The vomiting is so severe that I will go on for 10 minutes straight. I went to my primary doctor and they said I had a UTI and she gave me antibiotics and because of the severe pain I was in, she ordered a CT scan of my kidneys and found something unknown was on my kidneys and they were afraid it was a cyst or a abscess and gave me a kidney ultrasound but when she sent me to the urologist at my local hospital the same day, they said I had no UTI and everything was fine on my kidneys. My kidneys looked the same as the last time I was in the hospital. He said my pain may be because of my digestive system and he didn’t know why I was in so much pain and it was out of his profession basically and sent me over to the emergency department for pain medication. But the nurse practitioner told me it was my muscles and gave me muscle relaxers. I was having severe vomiting and severe pain but they discharged me after giving me only basically tyneol. I tried telling them it didn’t help but they let me go regardless of my cries for help. I was still in agonizing pain and still having severe vomiting. I took a UTI test strip yesterday and I tested positive for a infection. The pain is getting worse by the day. What should I do next?