I recently had a case of Syphilis and was treated with 3 dozes of 2.4 million units of Benzathine Penicill?in

I recently had a case of Syphilis and was treated with 3 dozes of 2.4 million units of Benzathine Penicillin – I was diagnosed on August 9th and – and received 3 weekly shots on August 9th/ 16th and 22nd – my last shot was on August 22nd – I took a blood test on August 16th and as expected my ALT – AST – GGT and ALP levels were elevated significantly – I was given various medications for improving Liver Function by my general doctor and then 3 weeks later took another blood test – this time my ALT was .097 from 2.52 – my AST was now 0.56 from 1.09 3 weeks earlier and my GGT fell from 5.03 (3 weeks before) to 1.77 (still elevated but much better – and my ALP feel from 4.06 to 1.86 … So obviously the medicine was working and improving – however the reason I am writing is that on 8/16 my AMYLAZA level was 1.28 and when taken 9/7 (3 weeks later) had risen to 2.48 – and as well my LIPAZA level had risen from 0.39 on 8/16 to 2.10 on September 7th … I am concerned about the rise in those 2 enzymes and wanted think that this rise could be caused by the large amounts of Penicillin and have possible caused Pancreatitis ??? Or is this normal ??? That the Pancreas could be effected by Syphilis ??? Should I be concerned ? Are the numbers very elevated ??? I would appreciate any information you may provide …

Medications: LIPOVITAN & Essentiale Forte N

I have Syphilis but had no sex in 2 years, is this possible?

I have been married for 24 years separated for 2 recently was tested for std i came back positive for syphilis my ex husband tells me is not him because we’ve not had sex for 2 years but he’s the only one I have been with i also was diagnosed with altered cells on my cervix can this be because the syphilis. Please let me know as it worries me a lot.


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